About Us


Wave Products was founded in 1979 by Steve Brings, Cal Demler & Clarke Shaw. They set out to build indestructible bags for their adventurous lifestyles simply because nothing on the market was durable enough. Wave, an acronym for Wild Ass Venture Equipment has made all types of bags over the years, launching a line of bags in the 80’s geared towards backpacking, skiing, fishing, travel and even bags for dogs called Puppy Panniers. Wave also specialized in the design and production of fully custom bags and worked with many individuals and corporate accounts throughout the years to build bags to fit their exact specifications. Wave has remained a staple of the Salt Lake community ever since. Ask the generation of Salt Lake skiers, cyclists and anglers that came before us, they all know Wave and might still be using their Wave bag.
In April 2021, Steve Brings decided he was ready to retire and pass on the torch so the owners of Pit Viper Chuck Mumford & Chris Garcin bought the company. These two have always admired the Wave brand and its founding principles so this purchase was a no-brainer for them. Wave and Pit Viper are kindred spirits - sharing the same fearless approach to selling products and company culture. The new ownership is excited to continue the Wave legacy and bring the brand online to sell the same handcrafted, durable bags on the very first Wave website. 

Puppy Panniers

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